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I want to now who is this number


This is a scam number. Person claimed to be my boss, and asked for money in a text message. This number is in no way related to my boss or anyone else in the San Antonio.

Calls periodically. Never leaves a message.

using someone else name and profile.. very dangerous

this call comes daily... hate it.. having to look up how to block this spam caller

The message left on landline claiming to be IRS and they have opened a case against me although they do not cofirm my name. I believe this number to be spam.

Scam call +1 means it is outside the US. No response!!!

Missed call

?+1 (214) 229-6170? is a phone number used under the sprint spectrum lp used by Nadine Bader Mccoy who is married to Archie McCoy a man who has harassed me and my children for 15 years. It’s a scam. Should be liable as it is a land line that operates with no payments as it stole by service from me and my kids who didn’t have a working phone for many years due to this. Archie mccoy social security number is available from me if prosecution is available

Dr office

Called my professional work number and said I called her. She asked why I called her, and I replied that she called me. I asked her what scam is this and she hung up. Beware.

Lisa Jerge Lesniak SLUMLORD in CO. She changed the locks on my rent paid apartment and stole all the belongings! Do not rent from this slumlord! Gas leaks! Would not change locks! 214-497-7899 and her husband Jim Lesniak 214-497-7896

They scammed me out of 1200.00

Unknown to me, no message left.

Scammer phone number. Asking to send money through Walmart Money Transfer Gram

The name given was Jenny, She immediately states the government wanted to give me money. I didn't let her finish the statement. I asked her and her business partners to stop calling this number. I get so many calls from mostly Indian accent speaking people telling me that the government has picked me to GIVE money to. Tired of the stupidity

Stated I had asked for help with "pain". I did not request help with pain.

Very nice

Unwanted call

S cammer

My uncle in Mississippi received a call from this number and it showed my name as the caller.. sounds like scamming to me, watch out.

some body( JON) call my every day for student death! never have one, Today I ask not to call anymore the guy call me beach and plus words I always been nice with every body and i don t deserved to bathed.

the number called every day by the name Jon with student death ( never have), today I ask nicely not to call every day, the guy call me beach and to shut my mouth
the number is 469-467-1287 close to my aria cod. thank you!

Possible spammer, my number sold by Marriott to numerous timeshare callers

beware, this is a scammer's number

Text messaging. Bogus Amazon survey-phishing!

scamming caller

Automated call to sell health insurance. They call me several times a day. Every time I block the call the machine calls me with the next number in their line. My phone number is on the Do Not Call list but they call all day every day.

Automated call to sell health insurance. They call all day every day. When you block one number their machine just calls you with the next number in their line. My number is on the Do Not Call list and they call ALL DAY LONG anyway

Automated call to sell health insurance. They call all day every day. When you block one number their machine just calls you with the next number in their line. My number is on the Do Not Call list and they call ALL DAY LONG anyway

Automated call to sell health insurance. They call all day every day. When you block one number their machine just calls you with the next number in their line. My number is on the Do Not Call list and they call ALL DAY LONG anyway

Missed the call. Caller did not leave a message.

Texting 2-3/week in regards to voting for a candidate to which I have expressed multiple times to be removed from the list, but to no avail.

This number called every day even at 3 o'clock in the morning. Never leave a message

I don't answer a number that does not have a name or company

Middle named and Cell phone number @

You call this number and it is supposedly no longer in service.

just dials in and hangs up.

Asked you to press 1 for a representative and 2 to be removed from their call list but idk who they are. I didn’t not call them back.


Scammers say they our calling from social security

This number called me left a voicemail saying it was ambetter and that they been trying to reach me and that they have an important message which I believe it's a scam

Asking to re-authorize device for using a banking app.

Robo-call regarding Social Security - requested a call back! Don't do it!!

Said I had a social security breach

phishing text

They called I said if you cannot speak English like me then your already suspicious and all I got was "shut up" then hung up on

Caller wants to help you with unsecured debt to improve credit rating. Scam!

Automated message, midway through automation when it started leaving voicemail. Said to call back and have the last 4-digits of SSN ready.

Continuous calls. No one there. Never leaves a message.

Idk lmao

Political text...unwanted!

This number should be blocked. Scam call

They claim to be working for the Social Security Administration. Also claim that your Social Security number is being used for fraudulent activities. When you call someone with a heavy foreign accent attempts to get your personal information. Another # they have called from is 469-526-5302. These scammers are dangerous and should be reported immediately to the FBI, OIG FTC & FCC. Charter, who is supposedly providing them with Internet/IP Telephone service, should be contacted as well.

SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got an automated call from 682-651-8244 saying I was in trouble with the IRS for tax evasion & needed to call: 682-654-8244. I knew it was a scan, so I called the # from my government office phone. I told the woman, obviously non-American, that I had just received a call and she hung up. I called back and got a man, also non-American; he asked for my phone # or social security #. I didn't answer, but asked to speak to his superior. He became angry and asked why. At that point, I hung up. I wish I knew who I could report this info to, legally!

Caller is leaving message to call back saying your social security number has fraud activities and call 6824592090

Constantly calling-I never answer

Called and left a message which was mostly cut off saying to call them before they begin legal proceedings. Did not identify who they are Blah blah blah. SCAM.

Number stated they were from the Social Security department and had information re: criminal activities tied to my SSN

announcement of legal action for social security fraud


Said it was a FaceTime call.


National Credit Adjusters


They send videos k***lling people

I just want to know if this is a legitimate call.

Keeps calling regarding chronic back pain. Calls nearly every day. Very annoying.

Telemarketers who do not believe in the Government Do Not Call List.

Claims to be with social security administration

It seems to be a scam

Today is the second time in recent weeks this number has called. Don’t know them and they haven’t left a msg. Google search comes back to Teleport Communications Group out of Dallas.

Attempt at harassment

When calling this number back I did so from a private line to avoid them getting my number...the line didn't ring, instead computer type music start and I let it go on for several minutes got nothing hung up

Said the IRS is suing me. Cool

Missed call, no caller ID

They said my name and said they had a summons for me. I don't live in Texas.


caller is using scare tactic regarding personal social security number and criminal activity. has called our line numerous time; at least 3 times today 10/5/18.

This was a phone call for a relative in reference to being served a summons even though I haven't heard from him in years and I have no clue how they got my number in the first place


continued missed calls with no message.

When you try to return call, either busy or "we cannot complete your call".

I have received many calls from this number-the caller states ; Don't hang up-, etc.,etc......Followed by info. I have no interest nor requested.

Labeled UNAVAILABLE Caller Id

keep getting called by them, in the morning time

Scam , big scam

called left no message

The automated call tells you that legal action has been taken against your social security number and to call them back. When you call it only rings and no one picks up.