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Houston city have 3 area codes. We have found 61 detailed reports in this city.

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Someone pretending to be as a US army and fall in love with you easily and then asking for money.

Part of a fraudulent computer security scam.

Don't know.

scam, left scare tactic message about me doing fraudulent activity. stated that they will take legal proceedings on my social security. Did not leave a persons name, nor a company's name.

Sent a message with a link saying “thanks for your visit, ___” with my name. Sketchy

keeps calling but never leaves message

I didnt asnswer but wanted to know who was calling since I dont pick up unrecognized numbers.

Did not leave nessage

insurance scam, robocall

No VM left

scammer for medical insurance.

Through a text message was a picture of alligators against a wall. Not on my contact list.

Strange text

Called said son was in car accident and is in jail. Wire him money to bail him out. Also saw the same number with different area code South Carolina to be exact reports same thing. ?+1 (281) 250-2924? This number is the one that called me and fake my son in accident and jail. I personally like messing back with them. By giving fake name and random 20 number card that don’t exist it’s only till the 13 number they than get mad and hang up on me lmao

Need to find this musician/singer/songwriter,to work with on my next album upon my return to U.S.

They called, i did not answer, they did not leave message

Annoying prank call

left a voice mail about payday loans

Continue receiving calls from the number and when I call it back it’s disconnected

Did not recognize number so did not answer the call.

bad call

I have mobile AT&T security on my phone. This caller left me automated message.
Transcription Beta- Division said before anything goes wrong give us a call back as soon as possible and our call back is 713-331-9390
I will not call back and blocking this. I believe it is a scammer call

I got a voicemail claiming to be from the investigative arm of the IRS. Nope.

Claimed to be the IRS

Caller claimed to be IRS

IRS Scam saying they are filing a lawsuit and you need to call them immediately. It had several of these and they are all fake. Just a reminder to those that don't know, the IRS never calls. They mail you letters and or show up at your front door, but they never ever call. Have fun with them ruin their day.

Scammer claiming IRS is coming after you.

Received call on my mobile. It was an automated call. I think it is a scammer call

Tax evasion scam phone call

called and claimed the call from Chinese embassy Houston.

No message left

They will not say anything

I received an electronic call completely in Mandarin. 04/18/19

missed call

Called and immediate hang up

SS Scam stating they've noticed unusual activity on my social security number and intentional ignorance of msg is considered unlawful.

Called and said was grandson and was in accident in NJ. Charged with reckless endangerment and DUI. Having lawyer calling me to get money. SCAM


they call and make fun of you

Scammers wanting money. Said they will get you a government grant.....all lies. Don’t send them money

Trying to get credit card information......

Claims to be an independant process server using a restricted # and threatening to finish process if you dont respond. I recently had a similar call from a different number using the same M.O. of a file #. Process servers do not call you first!

windows scam

'Do not hang up, my name is Ashley and I have important information regarding chronic back and knee pain...' SCAMMER. ROBO CALL.

called me twice back to back without leaving a voicemail, most likely spam

I called from a land line and they hung up.


Missed call


Called and left voicemail in a foreign language

Something to do with prescription plan

sent text asking to buy my house; has my address and unit

I received a voicemail about getting served and needing to be present. They say no name of company or what it is regarding.

Don’t answer.

Claims to be Brian Walsh and have papers notarized for me with a 6 digit ref number

"Good morning this message is solely intended for _?_?_?_?_?_?_ to Junior my name is Amanda the reason I'm calling today because I have some legal documents here in the office that are scheduled to be brought out and they do require a signature at the time of service so I'll be out tomorrow between three and 5 at your current residence, being a family and if you are unable to do so they'll be surrendered back as a direct refusal to comply and the process will proceed without you. If you have any questions concerns or if you want the full disclosure of the matter you'll need to call the office to handling your file the go over all the details with you before I can bring them out so _?_?_?_?_ number is 832-966-3696 your file number is 2***** you have officially been notified."

This is a total scam. They research closed accounts, and make it sound like you still owe the original bank or whatever institution. When you call the referenced number, they tell you they are suing you for 3 times the amount of the claim, and if you don't pay or make arrangements to pay, the process will be started in court.

First of all, the account in question was closed in 2009, and the statute of limitations ran out in 2013.
Secondly it sounds like they are local, and will be there between 3 and 5 to serve you with the papers. I've never heard of a process server calling to make an appointment, much less notifying you they are coming out.
And lastly, this company is based in Cleveland Texas, so I doubt anyone would drive all the way out here to California to serve me.

Bogus, Bogus, Bogus. They are preying on Senior Citizens, and are going to be turned in to the local authorities, both here and in Houston area where they are located.

Don't fall for their BS!

SPAM Medical Devices. Frequent calls throughout the day. When I returned the call and asked if they checked my number against the Do Not Call register, he immediately hung up and I have not received any further calls.

This phone number 832-336-7441 has been sending my granddaughter threatening messages. I would the authority in the area to try if possible to have this individual stop harassing my granddaughter. Thanks for your help.


Asking for ss number

Left a message in Chinese, sounded kind of heated...