Islandia (New York) area codes and reported phone numbers

StateNew York
Islandia city have 2 area codes. We have found 36 detailed reports in this city.

Islandia Area Codes

Islandia Detailed Reports

not in serv

Scam call telling me I have 24 hours to respond or I will be "taken into custody".

Not sure who or why but been getting a lot of calls from people I don’t know in this area

Caller Id was pathmark pharmacy. Store closed 3 years ago


It appear to be a scam caller that tries to leave a voice message, however no message is recorded.

Claiming lawsuit for tax fraud

Claimed to be the IRS. Said I was being sued for tax fraud.

message they left says it's the law and to call them back

Calls and lets it ring until it goes to voicemail then hangs up. It is either a robocall or some charity or political group which is a client of this company. They would be better served if the ID showed the name of the group instead of just Manhasset because then educated people MIGHT answer if they are interested/ Most people with functioning brains are NOT going answer unrecognized calls; they are going to ignore them, then add them to the list of THOUSANDS of blocked numbers we all have on our cell and home phones thanks to these rude, inconsiderate, nagging and foolish pests.

Spam harrassment keeps calling

Knows my name but I don’t know them. Harassing text messages.

Lied about arrest warrant

Facebook friend, said she was in FL. Her phones were 5164003547 Telecentris in NY and 2602022316 Jaquan in IN. She also gave me a 2349492123717. Has to be a scammer



My boss called me from this number and I found out he was using his daughter's cell phone. Legit number.

Jason Santos Personal Injury Law firm- SCAM! calls repeatedly all hours of the day multiple times a day from different phone numbers

Unsolicited text messages about credit repair. They do not identify themselves.

Some stupid logistics company. CID shows Nassau Zone 5NY. Legitimate cos display their name !!!!! Call blocked.


Number not recognized by us... Leaves no message identifying who or why the call is being made. Now blocked.

Computer message saying a lawsuit is filed. Scam.

Receive multiple phone calls from this number every day. Caller ID says CITI. Hangs up upon hearing answering machine. Caller ID also says SPAM

Trying to make me invest BTC in a web.

They didn’t leave a message

Constant calls from this #. At least 6 times a day.
No messages are left.

I received a call from this number, and when i picked up it immediately hanged up, even more suspicious is that when I tried calling back, an automated voicemail answered telling me I could not complete the call as dialed.

Genuine call

ALWAYS Hangs up after initiating calls.

Typical borderline threatening call from a scammer. WHEN AND WHOWILLSTOP THIS NONESENSE????

They are saying there Microsoft fraud company with a problem with my account but when you call back no ones answers the phone

This number is being used by someone in whatsapp who claims he is an American deployed in Yemen.

Received a message stating,"To return the call. The issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. The number for you to call the SSA back is 601-436-6477. The reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that there's a legal enforcement action filed on your social security number for fraudulent activity so before this matter goes to the state court house and before you get arrested if you need any information or have any question kindly call us back at 601-436-6477. Thank you....


This phone number is registered as a fake name called "Eric Junlong". A scammer that scammed girls who's looking for romantic or life partner for money. This person is always on WhatsApp and using a different phone numbers with different devices. This person claimed to be Korean Singaporean and a businessman with engineer of oil rig. He scammed that he is looking to fix his machine and request money to be transfer. He has a partner in Turkey and China. Few people were involved in China and one of them is a terrorist that stays in China. Be aware of this person's phone number. He seemed to have few other numbers that attached to his phone. He was reported to Federal Government for his acts