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Los Angeles city have 8 area codes. We have found 103 detailed reports in this city.

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Many robo calls from this nu ber

Sirius XM

I got a call saying that they were from the IRS and that I was being monitored and owed money if I didnt contact them with payment I would be arrested.

I do not owe any money so this is definitely a scam.

No message left. Possibly a robocall

Got a text about free comedy

Most likely a scam call

This person was trying to solicit money from me by pretending to be someone else.

Hang up, multiple calls

Called with bogus offer of microsoft rewards card . . . pure call-center chaos in background . . . person trying to read off a script very badly

Someone posing as a LA county sheriff claimed I was being cited for missing a federal jury selection and tried to scam me for $1850.

I called DMR Communications Inc and they said the line is owned by Bandwidth Communications at this time. I called Bandwidth and left a message.

This person is very unprofessional and a psychotic stalker

unsolicited call from indian accented guy says he is "from the microsoft" and needs to "help" me with my computer. I have Apple computers so I don't need nor ever would have requested his "services". Scammers.

maybe spam


Bad Communication & scary

I recognize the #. I just checked into a hotel & that is the number that they had for me

I recognize the #. I just checked into a hotel & that is the number that they had for me

This number is possibly dangerous. Sent random p**nograhpy pictures and then sent me a link to track my IP address. If you ever get a text from this number block them right away, I wish I had.

They keep calling and calling. When I finally answer, they ask for someone and hang up.

Just got a text message sent from that number in California to my mobile phone in Australia at 2.47 am , central AU time AEST - 30MIN. Don't know how my personal number came available , for message was a friendly toned inquiry about my vehicle featured a lot in a US motorcycle forum ,

Wants me to call the number back

Random text message sent with wrong recipient name

Saying my social security benefits will be canceled unless i contact them


asking me to rate a product on Amazon for a free gift, but no mention of what the item I bought and they wanted the comment on was.

daily harassment and they never speak

Asked if this was my cell, I said yes and they hung up. Tried to call back and got a recording saying nobody to available to answer phone. Seemed very suspicious for phishing or identity theft.

Pretending to be from FPL to pay or service will be disconnected

Possible spammer, my number sold by Marriott to numerous timeshare callers

I'm sorry for your birthday and we are going to the gym now I'm just saying that I have no idea what to do with someone's life with you guys are going to be in a bit of time

called but left no message

Missed call

Criminal charges scam

Keeps calling. Won’t leave voicemail

Missed called no message

Spam caller

Don’t know anyone in Los Angeles. Never answer numbers I don’t recognize. This time of year I am receiving multiple calls per day from scammers trying to get personal info from fraudulent health care sign ups. Blocked!

SCAM/FRAUD: claims to be Union Worker. Says system was recently updated and needs my credit/debit card information for payment.

Person left expletives on my voice mail.

It was on my phone with a request for pass code

Scammer, thief watch the f*ck out

They message me about a FEDEX package with a tracking code “Gb-6412-Gh83” and a link for me to “set delivery preferences”. e***3fmr.info/onAyXsDAhLu But I didn’t click on it.

Wants you to log on on link about FedEx delivery with tracking code not in FedEx info. And the fact you don’t have any delivery coming.

Received text msg calling me by name telling me my Fedex package with tracking code is ready for me to set delivery preferences. Even though I havent ordered anything and am not expecting anything from fedex. Scum bag scammers!!!

Text scam claiming i have a package waiting for me, to set up delivery preference, through Fedex


I didn't pick up and they did not leave a message. Could be a robocall

I have no idea who this is

do not do email transfers

Caller calls and hangs up. Seems like autodial harassment.

Says they are the IRS they are NOT

Said if I didn't send money, the cops are going to come get me. Bring it on, Tough Nut !!!!

Pretending to be a federal debt collector.

Called me with a recording I could hardly understand, pretending to be IRS

called number back and the call wont connect

Assume it is a scam/telemarketing call. Left no message and isn't in my contacts

I believe this person who has this number is scamming people

I looked up number 4243838621 and of course just like all the other free look up search numbers that call you this one gives you no info either. This number actually emailed me about my house report being ready which I did not order.

Dont know this number and they did not leave a message

Scammer!!! calling to say that I must call them to avoid an arrest warrant from the IRS

Robert left a message referencing my DOB & SSN with claims that I have two counts of financial fraud and either I need to call to receive legal documentation. SCAM!!!

I missed the call. They didn't leave a message.

BEWARE Of This SCAM Caller !!

got called 4 times in a row?????

it's a Robo call


562-359-4615 Automated call from "company's employment department" which hung up on me in the middle of their sentence.

This # keeps on calling me and when i pick up they hang up

DO NOT ANSWER - Robo-Calling to sell medical services for those in pain. This is PURE BS !!


Reported as scam. We are on the Do not call list.

Claimed to be an "investigative unit" investigating Krystal Tuck and that my name was attached to the complaint and that I need to call back by close of business today. Total scammer.

Received unsolicited d*ck pic via text/pinger

Number says it’s from Indonesia

Annoying telemarketer

I don't appreciate robo calls to begin with, but waking me up at 4:00 in the morning made it all the more special. No, seriously. Burn in Hell.

Fake number

I didn't recognize, so didn't answer. Then when I called it back "the telephone company voice" said it was NOT a working number. So it's a scam, but it's a scam the phone company allows.

Received text claiming that I was dead,Bur if alive which I am and would send them information on my personal,I would recieve 4.5million dollars

Said was a bank in New York ,but knew it was all bogus.

Didn't stay long enough to find out. As soon as I heard the words "home owner" I terminated the call.

Text message scammer claiming to be Amazon.com. Beware!

Said my microsoft lic. was going to be suspended. They keep calling.

Received text This is me in the video

Scamming scum bag . . .

Amazon Toll free number

amazon number

Investment scam

Unknown caller to me, have received call from this number before. Never leaves a message.


ROBO Caller keep calling never leave message I keep blocking and they keep getting through so annoying

Beware the owner of this phone number has placed food orders at many numerous restaurants using stolen credit card information.

Said i was veing charged by the irs and i had an arrest warrant issued. I asked what company they asked for and the lady said f*ck you and hung up.

Called and said they were an attorney's office. Said I couldn't call back and hung up. Busy on 1st call back. 2nd call back an hour later they were a doctor's office. Strongly believe this is a scammer call. Be alert and do not give out any personal information or confirm any information they may have. It could be a ploy.

Calls no message. Unwanted caller.

Disconnected number when called back

Robo call

Called keeps calling asking about a house

Recorded claim # owe money scam

continually calls, never leaves message

Hung up on voicemail

Said it was a collection agency call for my wife, funny thing is we have no accounts of any type in collections.