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StateNew York
New York city have 7 area codes. We have found 94 detailed reports in this city.

New York Area Codes

New York Detailed Reports

Spam - woman's voice speaking an Asian language

Let the machine pick up. NO message left. Caller ID said "VIT ENTERPRISE" (which is supposedly some financial planner) but I got no hits on Google when I combined the name with the number. Suspect spam....

Some Indian or middle eastern guy trying to get me to buy some kind of money orders saying it was a grant from the US government. He got really colorful and vulgar when I said it was a scam and it was a disgrace someone tried to rob people from across the world like this.

Calls my number about once a week and it sounds like a recording and the speaker is female and I believe speaking Japanese.

No idea who it is. Left no message. Received numerous calls from this number for close to t months. They leave no message.

They keep on calling regarding a loan. When I call back the phone rings until it gets disconnected. I don't have a student loan and I want them to stop calling my office number.

Don't know who this was. Called left no msg

no opinion, missed call no message left

keeps on calling ID shows Citigroup--- not citigroup

Overseas call center with a horrible connection, and even worse English, called asking for our IT Manager. I asked to take a message and he said "No, I'll call back".

Overseas call center with a horrible connection, and even worse English, called asking for our IT Manager. I asked to take a message and he said "No, I'll call back".

Claims to be the IRS

Bitcoin scammers.

Called my phone 34 times in one day. No one on other end when I pick up.


They called my number twice @ 5:20p.m.. I didn't answer it as a precaution they're trying to get my personal information don't give your personal information like bank account number debit card number social security number and medicine number

Scammer. High risk to answer the call. You could lose money and personal information. Don't answer the call. Block this number. Call Type: Scammer/Harassing

This person likes to threaten people on the phone


I got a spam call from this number. The number is no longer in service when I tried to call it back.


What they left on my
A tax fraud and the investigating team of our department is investigating you and your family. We have tried to notify you regarding these issue in previous six months but we have never gotten a response from you. So it has been considered as an intentional fraud and lawsuit has been filed under your name by the United States Government. You may call our department number on 347-956-8544. I repeat it's 347-956-8544. Thank you.

Part of a rental property scam... Fishing for personal info and payment.

Think it's a scam

Olive Development and Construction- General Contractor

Left a message in Mandarin


Broken English, sounds middle easterner stating I have a warrant out for my arrest...blah blah blah

He called to say I would be arrested

Na calling

Don’t know who’s number it is

It was a random phone call but someone was smacking their lips

They tried to trick me for my name and for me to go somewhere

I received texts from this number asking "Is this photo of you?". The text message would have a username number and a link to a website called ****

Refuses to let you put your name on the do not call list and threatens you.

The caller whispered and said, “I hate you.” The person called over and over repeating this.

Texted my phone out of nowhere

It's look like something about sales, but they are very annoying and keeping telling them they have the grong person and still making calls to my number

They solicit Federal Grant Money that you have to pay a large fee to get.

china scam

Unknown constant harassment

This number is a scam. When asked if this is Mrs. The person hangs up. And refuses to pick up when called back three time.

Ransomware scammer MH Tech

I received a text from this number today. the message asked me to let them know when I was available to talk. I have no idea who this is, and they spelled my name wrong. I believe this is spam.

I believe its spam they number leave a voicemail so I dont answer if its important they would leave a vm


Robot voice says NYC Police Department and then call goes to a recording in chinese.

when you pick up it says Police Department and then continues in Chinese.

The owner of the phone number has just called me now. I answered hello but with no response from him.

Called three times back to back, hung up after one ring.

Fake persoon

I received a call but handed up right away

A woman sounds with Chinese to talk about an important message which nobody received, enter “9” to know details.

Genuine caller. Legitimate private number. A deactivated/disconnected number that is reassigned to a new owner. It is an "unpublished" and an "unlisted" number. Residential number registered on "The National Do Not Call Registry."

This is a safe number. The caller is a trusted individual.

A deactivated/disconnected number that is reassigned to a new owner recently. Safe, trusted caller. Legit, private number.

Totally safe, legitimate, private, unlisted, and non-published number. Genuine caller. Registered number on "The National Do Not Call Registry." (Type Call)

Genuine caller. Legitimate, private number.

Legitimate, private residential number. Caller is trustworthy and nice. Caller is calling for good purpose with a pleasant manner. Genuine caller. (Call Type: Valid Call)

safe caller

my job got a call from this number verifying if I work there. I asked whats the purpose he said they don't tell him that info

call was to inform me that my account had been suspended. scam

That’s Annabelle

Spam. Keeps calling with same first 3 digits. Do not answer

Female voice said I had been "identified by one or more lenders" to get a new credit card. She continued talking after I said "hello", so It was a robocall. Since the call hadn't come from either a bank or other lender, I'm identifying this call as scammer. Caller shows up as "Con Edison" on caller ID

No one answered the phone when I returned call all i got was a busy signal, Caller ID states it's N Y City of /C , what kind of number is that.number

Not sure who this number was, did not leave a voicemail. If I don't know who's calling, the number is unfamiliar, I let it go to voicemail. If it's important to leave a message, then I'll return the call.

Out of service number, telemarketer scam.

this number is used to scam people for money for concert ticket. you send them money and they never send tickets. making it seem like they live in Los Angeles, California. SCAM SCAM

Foreign male, Indian accent, trying the computer, Microsoft scam thing

Weird male on the phone.

Robocaller regarding an extended warranty for my car.


Keeps calling without leaving messages or saying hello. You can hear news in the background like they are watching tv. Creepy.

what is your name?

Automated recording told me there were 4 allegations against me regarding my tax filing. And that if I didn't call them in 24 hours, I'd be brought into custody. I pay taxes in full and on time. I know a scam when I hear one.

They said that they were calling from the IRS, but it was an automated call. They said I had 24 hours to respond & that there were 4 issues against me (well something along those lines). Pretty sure this was a scam call as I can't think of any reason the IRS would be sending out automated calls.

It's a robot call that tells you "you will be taken under custody by the local police department and there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment". They want you to call them back at the number.



Calling and not leaving messages. Calling multiple times a day. If I get a call with no message, I'm not going to call you back!

No one I know but he pretended to know me by text message. Knew city I lived in. I blocked him

Verizon scammer

Sending me half naked pic and wants to meet up with a guy named Jon

Pretended to be SS calling in regards to fraud

Claiming legal matter against my social security

gas Credit card scammer / social service scam / bank fraud and job business scam


Left no message. I tried to call back but automated system said "not accepting calls right now"

I called back this nummber it went into automated response of unavailability.
I rate it spam.

Calling in the middle of the night. Calling him/herself a demon.

9172549320 phoned me few times. Doesn't say anything but hears the sound of phone hanging on the dialer.

wasting my time asking for prices when i say its a hundred bucks he switchs it to a question $800 so i say no for a $100 tell me another question $400? a true brain dead loser keep away
then he texts me some harrassing crap about how he can text me and i cant text him guy calls me to harass me

Rings and hangs up; leaves no message.