Phoenix (Arizona) area codes and reported phone numbers

Phoenix city have 5 area codes. We have found 61 detailed reports in this city.

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Phoenix Detailed Reports

Scam team, do not trust

Robocaller, keeps calling everyday even, after placing yourself on the do not call list. I called back to ask someone to take me off the list, and a gentleman replied, "F*ck you!" Charming...

Did not answer. Could be spoofed number as area code and prefix match mine. I receive calls from these spoofed numbers at least twice a week.

I answered this number and the caller immediately hung up on me. Could be phishing or adding to a call list....?

Unwanted text messages attempting to influence a local election.

Robocall claiming to IRS. Reported the number to the actual IRS.

Called back said not in service

Troll on Craigslist

Just got the missed call but no message

They keep calling, when I tried calling back said that that it is not a valid number

Texted n*de pictures to my wife

I received a call showed up as calling from Jamaica. I answered because I knew someone who was from there and thought it could be them calling about there love one. The caller said he was calling from mega millions lottery and I had won 18.5 million dollars and a 2019 Mercedes Benz. I asked why would the call show up as a call from Jamaica on my phone and besides the lottery do not have anyway of knowing my name and phone number. He gave me a number to call communiy bank in las vegas to set up the payment but gave me this number 480 336 8337. I never called because I knew it was a scam. About two minutes later I received the call again that showed it was coming from Jamaica 876 586 3840, I did not answer and they called back I answered spoke with them and they asked if I was married, I said what do that have to do with this call, the caller said they wanted to speak with someone else because I acted like I did not want the money. I told if I won just send it to me. He said they did not do business like that and I would have to call community bank in las vegas I told him I was busy and if I won why would I have to call right away. I asked him what time zone law vegas was on he said he did not know what I was talking about he hesitated then asked me what time was it where I was he told me that the bank close at 1pm and it was around 11am where he was. I checked and las vegas is on Pacific time but The number he gave me is on mountain time.The call lost his fake jamican accent and said it was obvious I did not want the money and hung up.

I was given this number to reach a bank that supposedly had my sweepstakes money in a temporary account and needed to get my account# and PIN from them to give David Newman so that he could fill out the appropriate information on a federal form to show it was prize money and not illegal activity. When I called it I got an automated message telling me it recognized my number and I had $18M in my account but needed to pay 1% tax on it before I could make a withdrawal. I pushed the extension for more information and a guy answered with "Hello? Hey, what you want?" and then hung up. I received five more calls from different numbers within 24 hrs telling me I had won money and asking for my bank info to transfer my winnings to.

Identified as 1st National Bank. has 18.5 million but needs 4200 first or installment of 1385 to release funds

telling me is a bank with money for me first america bank gives me account balance scam to get money out of me

Received a call claiming I won an International Sweepstakes prize of 1.5 million and a new Mercedes. Told me to call 480-336-8337 which is supposed to be a first nat. bank, where I received a bank acct number and a pin, but funds on hold until I pay a large fee to release it. This is a felony in the U.S. No monies should ever be paid to receive a prize you won in this country. It's a scam.

Suspicious calls from 520-539-9070. Can't find any free info online re that number, but have received two calls today, 7/13/18. A live male caller left message "This is ___ (name was muffled/garbled) call me back." Then he called again and left a message "This is ___(name garbled again). This is my second message. I'm trying to reach you and hope you call me back today." He says that second message in an aggressive, almost threatening voice.

They trying to get your information do they can get your money and not send you no money back. They say they a loan company but they a scam

Calls every month with the same questions and say they don't know what I am talking about when I question their motive.. Has many different phone numbers but the same script used every time.. I told them to stop calling me, but they still do..

Obviously a bottom-feeder calling on a Sunday afternoon looking for a Sunday s*cker from whom to steal their personal and financial information. Caller ID says SSI. They left no voice mail. Calls such as this will increase as the holidays approach. Be aware and be diligent to protect yourself from the scumbags who prey on everyone.

Missed call

Threatening legal action for fraudulent activity on my social security number.

when I tried calling the number it is disconnected.

Asked for card number


Debt Collector- Midland Corp

Very rude and aggressive. Sends non-stop texting trying to pressure you to select a link they send

Rings when answering no one there

Someone saying they were from Vault Bank? Never heard of it

tried to call me many times today, no messages


Credit card scam. 3rd one this morning. I don't have any credit cards and don't want any.

Credit card scam/robo call on lowering my credit card interest rate.

It was a robocall regarding how I can lower my credit card interest rate. SCAM!


credit card scam

call about senior Benefits. im not that old yet

Bad call

This is actually my husband's number and its s cell

This phone number keeps on calling me 3 times, everytime I say hello a automatic voice comes on saying my name is Trish "You have gone to our website looking for a Job" can you here me..


Caller has called multiple times and does not leave message. Have called number back never answers.

Bogus debt collector claimed from American Express

Spam fishy silent caller

scam wanting to buy houses

Craigslist scammer


They called me stated they were not a sales call and then proceeded to ask if I was calling from a safe number and I hung up the phone

this is where?

Missed call from this number and I called back and they answered , internal revenue services... The IRS would never call you... Do not give them your information

Text messages by this #.

Number posing as someone else texting me


Upon answering a recording comes on telling me they have important information regarding my credit card. Do not buy into these calls. They are a scam! I always hang up as soon as I here the recording.


called asking about credit card information.

Lower auto insurance rates

No answer when the phone was picked up

scammer fraud, harassing jerk

no msg - not legit

928-222-5386 scammer fraud