Portland (Oregon) area codes and reported phone numbers

Portland city have 2 area codes. We have found 24 detailed reports in this city.

Portland Area Codes

Portland Detailed Reports

never left a message.

Landscaping company

Missed call - no voice mail

Don't know ??

No message was left

I missed the call.

Neighborhood scam

They call and tell you your credit card is about to expire and they are offering a reduced interest rate before my card runs out. I don't have a card.


Cold call asking for credit card information

just says hello in a snarky attitude way then hangs up

Caller was a genuine follow-up from Vetsource, a veterinary pharmacy

trying to con you out of money

keeps calling my phone each day. Whoever it is doesnt say anything. They just hang up after a few seconds

Received text want to buy my stuff from craigslist and ask for me to verify my self by giving # send from Google sounds to me like he is trying to get into my account

This caller named Randy propositioned my wife via text, and says he loves in Cleveland TN.

Keep getting calls from this and other Silverton numbers that are most likely high-jacked from legitimate people. I just know I am thoroughly sick of these calls that come night, afternoon, and early morning, almost daily! I do not answer calls from numbers I don't know, so it is really a waste of these criminal's (and mine) time! Don't they understand that if a call continuously goes unanswered, they are probably not going to be able to scam that person?

:-)GPS positioning platform is slightly off contact IT
TEXT MESSAGING was erroneous not all SMS texts
Were readable
JPEG no all photos viewable

Sends an suspicious link saying you live near one another and you should meet up

Caller is text messaging using messenger and WhatsApp and trying to make ladies fall for them because they are pretending to be a man then they ask for money or ask the lady to buy them things

It was a robocall claiming to offer prayers for people we might know needs them.

They left an almost 2 minute message of elevator music

Armslist/Craigslist scammer.

Scam, Pros***ution