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San Francisco city have 3 area codes. We have found 56 detailed reports in this city.

San Francisco Area Codes

San Francisco Detailed Reports


Represents itself as IRS collection agency.

received spam call

Hangs on hangs up very quickly and repeatedly

the scammers now call you with a number similar to yours, (the area code and prefix are the same as yours). The scammers only let the phone ring three times, then hang up. They'll wait about fifteen minutes, then call you back using a different number, but still with the same AC and prefix.

Gave this number a call back within one minute of denying the call & got the phone company tone and message “this number is no longer in service”.

Scam call

Re tax fraud scam

IRS Calls to extract money

Pathetically awful computerized IRS phone scam wanting a call back to this number before local authorities come by tomorrow to arrest you for four outstanding charges.
Honestly, are they even trying anymore?

ForUsAll asking to speak with the person in charge of our 401(k) offering automating plan administration. Cold caller. Was told that we are not interested.

calls too much and is a scam

Very strange and scary voice

unsolicited my phone is
on do not call list


Called left no message

message left was in a foreign language (possibly chinese) so have no idea what it was about.

Said they were call from IRS. Last attempt, blah blah blah... Fake as hell.

scammer claims to be IRS

Keeps calling and hangup

Chinese language Robo-call

Caller did not leave message


they didn't even speak English and didn't stop when I asked them to just kept rambling on

Missed call

B.S. call from "Julie with Marriott" wanting you personnel banking info for either free vacation or a gift card. Do Not Fall for it.

This is a scam. They say their the social security administration and that I needed to call them back before legal action

calls but does not leave a message

Scam in Chinese

It's in Chinese and keeps threatening when they call. BEWARE!!

Spam call about "lowering credit card rates"

I received job offers on this number without the least bit of information. I called the phone and the answer was “unavailable”. I would like to know who they are.

fraud and called wanting money

9/18/2018 9:42am PDT Woman with Indian accent called from 510-290-7115 saying, "I'm calling about your credit."
To which I said that I don't have any outstanding debt or credit cards.
She said, "What? No credit cards? Oh, well, I'm not calling about that, I'm calling about your outstanding student loans."
When I told her that I don't have any, I'm on the DO NOT CALL list, and that she is legally obligated to take me off the list - - she hung up without responding.

It comes as a beep like a fax machine. All day long and all the time. I called the number back and sometimes it's a fax like beep and sometimes it's a message that says leave a message for...(no name) and then the beep for the message. Says it's TMobile service and the calls come every day or so and no one is on the other side.

none. missed call


5107600534 do not trust thus male he is only looking for money.

Caller will try to switch your electric account to a different company.

Automated call claiming to be the IRS. A complete scam.

Robocall with a VM saying there are charges pending and I need to call back to sort out. SCAM

Did not answer. Sounds like robocall

"Chronic Pain" whatever

Got a text saying "Can't talk now. What's up?" But I never called this #.

They called at 6:30 am!!

They said they were contractors incorporated, whatever that means. Not sure if scam or genuine

Craigslist Scammer - obviously sending automatic texts and typical “I’ll send you a cashier’s check and the movers will pick up the goods” hogwash.

spam robo call


missed call. did not leave a message

Calls on this and similar numbers for some job scam.

Robocall posing as law enforcement urging me to call back immediately.

Claimed to be the IRS. Very hostile, threatened arrest if the $ wasn't paid.

I get a text every day from a number asking me the same question and including my name. Today this was number that texted me. I block the number every day and every day I get the same message, but from a different number. I'm trying to figure out where my phone number is listed public so I can remove it.

Repeated calls from the number looking for someone to be available to sign documents. As i have had my cell for over 4 years, I expect its some type of scam or collections ploy.

This is a scam, they advertise puppies and other services and then keep asking for more money to deliver. It's from Vietnam.