Seattle (Washington) area codes and reported phone numbers

Seattle city have 4 area codes. We have found 75 detailed reports in this city.

Seattle Area Codes

Seattle Detailed Reports

New mobile number.

Scam IRS caller

Phony "lower your interest rate" scam. Caller ID may be faked.

They never, never leave a message or let it ring through.

I got scammed to buy tickets from this number


I was using the bathroom and I missed the call

Missed call. No voice mail left. Called back and it just rang and rang.

Received spam via text

left no message

claim to be dell tech support

This number is owned by a semi-reputable forensic psychiatrist.

said they were from irs and a warrant had been issued in my name

threatened us

This company called me claiming to be with the Federal Government & claimed that they were giving loans out to people with low or challenged credit scores. There isn't any type of contacts to sign, you just go down & wire them $25.00 to insure your loan, then as soon as they received the $25.00 they would wire the funds you borrowed into your account. Talk about fraud this deal has red flags all over it. I know for a fact loans are not binding without a signed contract. As the old saying goes, if it sounds to good to true, it usually is. People please be careful of things like this. If your offered a loan by a company always get all the information you can from the person calling, then research, & research some more. Be safe. M.G.

claims they are going to arrest me.

Second time I received a random FaceTime call from this number.

Called back, got recording "V241 test was successful"

One of many numbers trying to get you to claim your winnings, click on a link and possible identity theft

keeps calling over & over with minor phone number changes 9955/56...

Caller ID said "Sara"

Claims to be IRS needing information

???? er cj dove 360-9574 it's about lower credit card debt trying reach us I don't think good idea scam! #nevergiveinfo out take credit card number so just leave it alone

repeated blank calls

You've been selected to receive a Costco gift card worth $500.00!

Said i have a warrant from dept of treasury

States is IRS and that a warrant for arrest has been issued for tax evasion - recorded / bot message

impersonates as IRS

Robo call stating you will be detained by local police due to 4 charges pending against you... Unless, of course, you call them back.

Pahahaha... Garbage!

Automated call with robo-voice repeating the number on my voicemail.

Was an automated message saying an arrest warrant had been issued for my arrest, but never said my name.


They said they were calling from the IRS

Bunch of third-world slimeball Indians (always Indian accents) saying they are from the IRS and that I owe them money. They called me and left no message so I called them back. I would not give them my name so they hung up. These losers are probably VPN-ing from some s--thole mud hut in India for 20 hours per day. I told them that they were TOO STUPID to even scam anyone the way they are working it.

Automated call said they were going to take legal action, no names or details, total scam.

Scam IRS call

scam call

Called about information with chronic pain. Robo-call.

Robot all with no message.

Robo-call threatening legal action. Does not identify themselves.

Possible scam caller

1st they tried to FaceTime me. I did not answer. Then they followed by calling again right after.

Scam. Credit card information

Called number back; immediately went to generic voicemail

credit card scam?

Missed call while I was on another call. They did not leave a voice mail. I looked up number and it comes back as Envoy llc, a printing service and a free legal service. I’m guessing it’s a scam number.

spam call stating they are from a warranty company

non english speaking person want to have me arrested for not paying my taxes. wants me to pay him with gift cards CAN YOU SAY SCAM.

They wouldnt answer a text but they called i never answeref

Who's texting


Got a call from this number saying IRS was suing me but did not say what for. Called back and got a message saying that the text customer was not in service at this time. Not 100% sure but I marked this number as unsafe.

Call asking about the price of a car listed I for sale on Didn't reference the type of car. Price was posted on the website.

Auto scam

Centurylink is the phone co., I believe.....sales not answer....


Fraud - spam caller

When I returned missed call within minutes, I received message that number was no longer in use

Missed the call did not leave a message... I don't know anyone or do business with anyone in Kirkland, WA

Seemed Sketchy

This is a automated system I believe it is a scam trying to get money



Used my
First name as if they knew me and claimed they were from walmart with a web link as if I won something

Some girl named Jessica from walmart with a web link, scam

political for wrong person.

Don't answer or call this number back.


this number wanted my credit card information. when i would not provide my number the caller became very crude and vulgar innuendos.

Warrant scam

School loans, and forgiveness programs

This is scammers!

Says your SS has been suspended.

Robo call with important information about my credit. Scam all the way.

don't know who this is, but probably a telemarketer. I never answered it and they left no message.