Washington (District of Columbia) area codes and reported phone numbers

CountyDistrict of columbia
StateDistrict of Columbia
Washington city have 1 area codes. We have found 26 detailed reports in this city.

Washington Area Codes

Washington Detailed Reports


This number is being used by a scammer claiming to be from a government grant company saying that I have a grant in the amount of $150,000.00 and the only fees that I have to pay for is $100.00 via an iTunes card. This is from a scammer that lives in Nigeria. He is not from the United States government grant company. Please do not give any personal information to him. He is asking for your photo I'd and Facebook account information.

scammer from craigslist


If callback, not in service. Calles ID "Squash All Beef".

Automated Voice in another language that is not English.

Automated call in Foreign Language

Spamming on credit card offer

Went into voice mail...automated message in a language like chinese was spoken. Could be any asian language. Received on a Sunday afternoon.

Left automated vm - music and a female recording in an Asian language. Sounds like she’s trying to sell something.

Phone number sent text message to my phone with a SnapChat Code and then stated to not share it or use it elsewhere. We labeled the phone number as Spam since we've never communicated with this phone nor do we use SnapChat.

I answered and said hello. Then heard a beep and a computer generated voice say goodbye.

Answered and heard beep and computer generated voice say goodbye

IRS scam, claiming they have an arrest warrant out on me because they allege I committed tax fraud.

Claiming to be IRS

Told me to kill myself

Popped up a few times

Saying that she is from IRS and i need to pay some money, I said i will call IRS directly then she used very abusive words

It use for scum activity

They call not saying nothing when you call back busy signal so called tire company

Phone appears to have been used in irs and tech support scams. They post a lot of ads on craigslist under different phone numbers and websites. They tend to target craigslist seattle computer section.

Seems very fishy. Just left a voicemail that only says, "Call back immediately at 202-875-5606."

Hi, you have an important letter from Chinese American council, press the number button to direct you to the person who speaks your language. Four calls a day on my answering machine!

An important letter from Chinese-American ambassador, press the number button to direct you to the right person who speaks your language. Four calls a day on my answering machine!

silent call. probably a scammer trying to build a list. I suggest not to pick up or call back.

Bitchass keeps calling my phone!