Recent incidents

Called several times (many back to back) and then hang up on voicemail but never leave message.

Scam about expiring car warranty. I do not own a car.

Tried to tell me it was my doctor and I gave me a link to schedule my follow up appointment. Sorry, my doctor didn’t need me to do a follow up appointment and a message about scheduling an appointment would never come from the doctor himself. Good luck scamming people. Ya jerks.

They called claiming you are reported for check fraud. When I called back from a different number they claim to be law firm. they check the number you are calling from to see if you are on their "list" if the number doesn't match they say disregard the notice. very similar to other spam scammers. beware !!

said they were from amazon and my account was suspended until a new payment was made over the phone

Its not of California but person is somewhere near ludhiana punjab of india

Message purporting to be from Equifax claiming "Equifax has flagged your account for unusual activity" with a link to domain "" in the body of the text.

gas Credit card scammer / social service scam / bank fraud and job business scam

text reads " Your Toast Verification code is 6236"

Called several times. The last time left threatening message if I did not call back they would proceed with legal action. Message did not identify the company.