Recent incidents

spam multiple calls daily

438-764-5183 -COVID-19 positive software scammer and convicted sex offender of the Province of Montreal Quebec, was also convicted for distribution of German child pornography involving 5 year old German boys.. 11480 avenue Pelletier Montreal,Quebec H1H 3S4 Avoid at all costs.. *

Your scamming Business is over on Kijiji*****???????????????????? (Time to walk Dogs and pick up dog shit to take home for your lady to put on toast with cheese for the both of you )

do not answer

Caller ID said "Sara"

This is my personal cell phone number. I just got it from T-Mobile last year. I’ve been getting a lot of spam calls though. I think this number used to belong to someone named Monica.

Credit card charge scam

Said it was a collection agency call for my wife, funny thing is we have no accounts of any type in collections.

Number not recognized by us... Leaves no message identifying who or why the call is being made. Now blocked.

Left a message in Chinese, sounded kind of heated...

Scam, Pros***ution