Recent incidents

Created online with my user info but with this phone number. I pray they are caught!

I do not know ANYONE in that area of the country!!

Robo call with important information about my credit. Scam all the way.

I would like to find out who owns this number that appeared on my phone bill

They are a robo caller and say they are calling about my social number and it is going to be suspended. I have been getting this number calling me on and off for the last year or so.

This number has been blocked by my free blocking service which has designated it as a scam caller. The caller ID shown above the number was simply the V followed by the date and time the call was made and then a series of unknown numbers. I was suggest not answering this call.

Asking for ss number


Random numbers are calling me all day long! I think it's a police or a great hacker program

scam robo call FAKE GOV RE Social insurance - criminal activity on your number