Recent incidents

Visa credit services-have phoned over 100 times this year and no matter what I tell them, they continue to phone

called number back and the call wont connect


Calls and lets it ring until it goes to voicemail then hangs up. It is either a robocall or some charity or political group which is a client of this company. They would be better served if the ID showed the name of the group instead of just Manhasset because then educated people MIGHT answer if they are interested/ Most people with functioning brains are NOT going answer unrecognized calls; they are going to ignore them, then add them to the list of THOUSANDS of blocked numbers we all have on our cell and home phones thanks to these rude, inconsiderate, nagging and foolish pests.

They used a caller ID of UHIV Hospital, and when I answered it was a pitch for extended repair work policy on my car.

Did not leave message

none. missed call

sent text stating a local town in NJ changed their rules on health coverage also knew my first name which made it even weirder. no clue why I was sent the text to begin with

has called several times.. answer adn then click click and hang up... now blocked

When I returned missed call within minutes, I received message that number was no longer in use